Following an episode of stress experienced by Bolt, we were put in contact with the "Bouledogue Attitude" Foundation, based in Neyruz-sur-Moudon, in the canton of Vaud, whose mission is to welcome and rehome abandoned bulldogs. This one directed us towards natural food containing CBD.

Director of the Fondation Bouledogue Attitude

Isabelle Dupraz

CBD is known, among other things, for its positive natural properties. By depositing directly on the surface of nerve cells, the active components of CBD help relieve stress and anxiety and make the nervous system more resilient and stronger. Bolt quickly felt better, he got better and is now in great shape. The CBD had a very positive effect and allowed him to find a second youth!

From this fortuitous meeting was born a desire for a long-term partnership with this local and Swiss actor, fundamentally human and anchored in our values. Everything connected in a logical and simple way, like any beautiful story!