If you identify as a rebellious soul and want to escape the ordinary by living according to your own desires, then you're in the right place... !
BOMBERG embraces the free and insurgent spirit of millions of people around the world who dare to be different and create their own unusual rules.
With a maverick and emancipated spirit, BOMBERG moves away from the roots of traditional industry and creates superior products.

The BOMBERG community is represented by people like you who firmly reject the status quo and like to show it through their lifestyle.
The creations you are about to discover embody all these values and more; let yourself be carried away by exceptional concepts and designs.
BOMBERG wishes you an enchanting journey.


BOMBERG is making its way off the beaten track of traditional watchmaking, creating watches for people who are cool, creative and confident, all over the world in Latin America (its driving markets, notably Mexico, where the brand is already the number 5 lifestyle watch brand), the USA, Asia and Europe.

Swiss brand, independent, agile, fast, based in Neuchâtel, BOMBERG traces its way with strong references to the world of tattoos, symbols and icons. The Tattoo. That's right. The brand has been close to it since 2012. A precursor. Daring at the time. Fearless. Today, the claim of its new positioning and advertising campaigns: #TattooYourDesire. A whole universe. Extreme tattoos, intimate tattoos. Different trends around the world, different communities, BOMBERG tells their stories, highlights their creativity, asserts their personality.

The Founder

Rick De La Croix

By going off the beaten track, Rick De La Croix wanted to go beyond the limits set by tradition and all that conventions dictate.