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The human skull has long been associated with Mexico's rich culture and heritage. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the brand, we are proud to introduce the BOLT-68 NEO AUTOMATIC ANNIVERSARY BRONZE PVD watch. This special edition watch celebrates the country's connection to the brand, and its commitment to honoring life with joy and gratitude.

The timepiece is remarkable for its intricate details and striking design. The skull motif on the dial is especially eye-catching, while the black and bronze accents give it a mystical touch. The PVD coated stainless-steel case features an intricate engraving inspired of the Yaxche, the Mayan Tree of Life, representing the ancient connection of Death and Life. With a signature offset crown at 12 o'clock, sapphire crystal and second hand with logo counterweight, this watch makes a bold statement.

The Super-Luminova® photoluminescent coating on its eyes and teeth, as well as on the indexes and hands adds a touch of edge, while ensuring perfect legibility even in the darkest conditions.

Powered by a top-of-the-line Swiss automatic movement from independent manufacturer SOPROD, and with a high-grade silicone strap, this timepiece is a true celebration of fine craftsmanship, sure to impress anyone who sees it.

The watch is presented in a luxurious black skull leather reusable box, along with a t-shirt specially designed for the occasion by Mexican fashion company Ay Güey!

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The watch is presented in a luxurious black skull leather reusable box, along with a t-shirt specially designed for the occasion by Mexican fashion company Ay Güey!







Hours. Minutes. Seconds. date at 6h.

Case & Crown

Case material

PVD coated Stainless Steel


Screwed-down crown at 12h.


Sapphire with anti-reflective coating.

Water resistance

100 m

Strap & Buckle

Strap material

Black Silicone

Strap type


Buckle material

Buckle pin on Silicone


Product weight (Approx.)

134 gr


43 mm


13 mm


What an incredible journey it's been, full of successes and challenges. To celebrate, BOMBERG announces the launch of its Bolt-68 Neo Skulls Collection — which reflects the brand’s striking maverick attitude, design, and individuality. Inspired by Mexican culture and its celebration of life and death, it features three unique timepieces with extraordinaire motifs and engravings and a t-shirt designed specially by Mexican fashion house Ay Güey! presented in a skull shaped leather box. The Skull's special collection was created to celebrate life to its fullest. To seize every moment while we can, and to live according to our desires, and going beyond the limits that conventions dictate. Carpe Diem!


BOMBERG's Bolt-68 Neo Limited Edition Anniversary collection draws inspiration from Mexico's rich culture and traditions, paying tribute to skulls and their mystical meaning.
But why the Skull?

The Skull is the quintessential BOMBERG symbol.

BOMBERG's timepieces became very popular in Mexico when they were first launched ten years ago. Over time, the brand has integrated more stories and tokens from this extraordinary country and into its identity. And of course, one of the most powerful symbols of Mexican culture is the Skull.

The Calavera (skull) is a symbol of death, but in Mexico, it has a more profound meaning. It is the essential symbol of the most fascinating of Mexican traditions: Día de Muertos (The Day of the Dead). A symbol of celebration, love, and remembrance of the bond between the living and the ones that have passed on. The skull reminds us that one day we will all be gone to the after death. But before that happens, we must live life to its fullest according to our own rules, embracing emotions, family, and friends while daring to be different. Seize the day!


In more than one way, BOMBERG is strongly influenced by the pre-Hispanic Mexican culture. To honor this special occasion and celebrate our origins, only extraordinary details would suffice. The engravings on the cases and bracelets of the three watches in the Collection take up the symbolism of the Yaxche, the Mayan Tree of Life.

As the Popol Vuh, the sacred Maya scripture tells, the Gods planted four Yaxche (Ceiba) trees in each corner of the world so that they could hold up the heavens. A fifth Yaxche was then planted in the center of these four trees so that its roots could reach the underworld and its branches reached the heavens. This central tree, called The Life Tree, was viewed as a sacred connector between the three realms: the Underworld, Middle world, and heavens and was thought to provide a channel for souls to travel into either realm.

The Life Tree is a powerful symbol, with its veins of sap, the ways the divine flows from and communicates with both heaven and the underworld, uniting the cosmos while bringing movement and Life to all Earth creatures.

An icon of continuity, which reminds us that Life is a never-ending cycle of growth and change, and that we must cherish and embrace every moment of it!


The special edition t-shirt included in the Collection was designed and developed by the Mexican company Ay Güey!.

All production is done at home, in Mexico, which makes this shirt a truly local product. Established with one goal — to spread awareness of Mexican traditions, beliefs, and culture to the world — Ay Güey! puts out authentic designs that are inspired by Mexican tradition and history. Each design is created with love for its roots, offering a fresh new look on an ancient heritage through abstract art, culture-specific references, and relevant sayings on current topics.

For BOMBERG, this has been an exceptional, unique, even mystical collaboration