Spartans forged a cultural identity rooted in unwavering loyalty to their state and relentless military training from early childhood. Unlike their Greek counterparts, the Spartans did not lead individual lives but rather thrived as integral parts of a unified whole. 

Renowned for their discipline and unwavering integrity, the Spartans stood as the unrivaled military force of ancient Greece, consistently prepared to defend their homeland and sacrifice their lives for the sake of freedom.

To commemorate and pay homage to this remarkable Spartan culture and historical legacy, BOMBERG takes pride in creating the BB-01 Automatic Spartan Collection, featuring the iconic Spartan bronze helmet prominently displayed on the watch's dial. Furthermore, etched onto the side of the case is the famous quote "Μολών Λαβέ," which translates to "Come and Take them." This powerful phrase was uttered by King Leonidas of Sparta to Xerxes during the Persian invasion of Thermopylae in 480 BC.

By incorporating these symbolic elements, BOMBERG seeks to celebrate the rich heritage of Spartan culture and honor their unwavering spirit of bravery and sacrifice.