Spartacus stands as an iconic Roman gladiator, revered as a formidable fighter who led the most triumphant slave rebellion in Roman history. His legacy portrays a resilient leader who valiantly challenged the cruelty of slavery, defying insurmountable odds with remarkable success. Spartacus continues to inspire individuals worldwide, igniting the spirit of rebellion and resistance against oppressive systems.

With the SPARTACUS collecion, BOMBERG pays homage to this legendary figure by incorporating the distinctive "Galea," the bronze helmet synonymous with Roman gladiators. This symbol represents the universal struggle for freedom and independence, serving as a powerful reminder of Spartacus's enduring influence.

Through the utilization of the iconic Galea, Roman numerals, and a combination of bronze and silver hues, the collection instantly evokes the grandeur of ancient Rome, encapsulating its values, strength, and unyielding spirit. 

The BOMBERG SPARTACUS collecion timepiece seamlessly blends elements of history, artistry, and sophistication, embodying the indomitable spirit of Spartacus and the rich heritage of ancient Rome.