The Jaguar has been an important symbol in Mexican mythology, representing power and strength as a deity in the Aztec pantheon. It was also significant in Mayan culture, where it symbolized the ruler and protector of the underworld. BOMBERG draws inspiration from the Jaguar and Mexican mythology, embodying strength, individuality, and courage in its designs.

BOMBERG's Jaguar watches also pay homage to Mexican culture by incorporating the ancient Huichol technique in its design

This technique involves the intricate placement of tiny beads onto a surface to create patterns and designs, and has been a part of the Huichol people's cultural heritage for centuries.

By fusing the Huichol technique with modern watchmaking techniques and materials, BOMBERG has created a timepiece that is both innovative and meaningful. The Jaguar watches are a representation of the fusion of ancient and modern artistry, honoring Mexican cultural heritage while pushing the boundaries of contemporary watch design.