Savor the pleasure and exclusivity that come with owning a piece from one of our capsule collections of limited-edition watches.
Each timepiece is a testament to skilled craftsmanship, melding aesthetic appeal with practical design, marking its uniqueness is the inscription 'one of X' engraved on the back, the seal of each capsule's uniqueness.
To maintain this level of exclusivity, we distribute these treasured pieces to handpicked retailers around the globe. However, understanding the desire for online accessibility, we set aside a limited subset of each capsule collection exclusively for our website.


The notion of rarity is more than a promise—it's the cornerstone of how we distribute and celebrate these rare finds.
Our capsule collections come in a variety of limited runs to offer something for every aficionado of rarity.
Whether it's a series of 150, 200, or 250, each collection offers a unique opportunity to own something truly special. Regardless of the number, each timepiece will bear the inscription reflecting its limited edition, assuring you that you are one of a select few. This allows you the flexibility to choose from different levels of exclusivity, each exuding its own unique charm and allure.
The constant across all runs is the timeliness—each series is as finite as the next, and once they're gone, they're truly gone.
Whether you walk into a boutique halfway around the world or click to purchase online, you're acquiring a piece from a collection as limited as it is distinctive.