CHF 1,235.

Quetzalcoatl. The Serpent of Precious Feathers. The Aztec god of life, light and wisdom, Lord of the day and the winds. This timepiece celebrates a quintessential element of Aztec culture, as an ode to the boundless creativity of what must have been an amazing civilization

The dial is a canvas for the representational style and use of bright colors associated with Aztec art: a patchwork of stunning rainbow hues form the snake's head and surrounding feathers, the bright red tongue extending from the stylized fangs.

Joyfully fearsome and truly awe-inspiring, the mythical creature comes to life on the dial where every detail of the vibrantly colored assemblage has been filled in by hand for an overall effect that is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Add the bespoke gusset chain and medallion designed specifically for the BOLT-68 HERITAGE collection. It attaches directly to the case and transforms your wristwatch into a cool pocket fob timepiece (not included).

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