BOMBERG X Diablos Rojos del México

Celebrating a Winning Partnership with a New Limited Edition Watch

Last year, we teamed up with the Diablos Rojos del México, Mexico's iconic baseball team, to create a limited edition watch that captured the hearts of fans and collectors alike. After the resounding success of our 2023 collaboration, we are excited to announce the release of a second exclusive watch designed especially for the die-hard fans of the Diablos Rojos.

This unique timepiece is not just a watch; it's a celebration of baseball, a tribute to the team, and a collectible that every fan will cherish.

Inspired by the vibrant energy and passionate spirit of Diablos Rojos fans, our latest watch seamlessly blends the team’s distinctive colors and logo with Bomberg’s signature bold style. The watch features a sporty red and white color scheme, and is adorned with the team's emblem, making it an emblematic piece for fans and collectors.

This bespoke piece is not only about style but also about capturing the essence of baseball—a sport that brings people together with excitement and anticipation. We've crafted each watch to resonate with the thrill of the game and the loyalty of its fans.

Each watch is presented in a specially designed collectible case. It’s perfect for display and safekeeping, ensuring that the spirit of the game and the bond with the team stay alive through time.

This collaboration is available in limited quantities, 200 pieces. It can be purchased through our Mexican website and at the official Diablos Rojos shop located at the Alfredo Harp Helú Stadium in Mexico City.

190 pieces are reserved for Mexico and only 10 pieces are available for our international community. Click the button below to learn more about the watch.

Reflecting on the partnership, our CEO, David Sanchez, expressed enthusiasm about this renewed collaboration: "The initial launch was a testament to the shared passion and dedication between our brands and the fans. We were thrilled with the reception and are excited to bring another piece of memorabilia to those who celebrate and support Diablos Rojos."

As we continue to redefine watchmaking with a bold and unconventional approach, collaborations like this with Diablos Rojos del México demonstrate our commitment not just to quality and innovation, but to celebrating the spirit and emotions that sports like baseball evoke.


The Diablos Rojos del México are a cornerstone of Mexican baseball, renowned for their historical legacy since 1940 and their record as the most successful team in the Liga Mexicana de Beisbol with numerous championships. They have significantly contributed to the development of baseball talent in Mexico, many of whom have achieved international success. 

The Diablos Rojos are also known for their passionate fan base, innovative management, and active community involvement, all of which reinforce their status as more than just a sports team, but a pivotal cultural institution in Mexico.