CHF 775.

Twin jaguars facing each other off, silently growling at each other, defiance in their crystal eyes. Two battling forces. A delicate balance of power. This silver bracelet honors the spirit of the jaguar, the gatekeeper of all that is unknown. Daring you to cross the threshold.

Like the panther a powerful symbol of fearlessness and ferocity, of strength and valor, the jaguar is not just the spirit animal of the warrior. Second only to the snake god – Kukulcán or Quetzalcóatl to the Aztec – in Mayan mythology, the jaguar is the god of the Underworld, ruler over the celestial forces. The immense potential of will, captured by the gleaming silver, the color of moonlight, of energy, clarity and focus.

Pairs perfectly with the Twin Serpent bracelet.