CHF 1,235.

Descended from the Norsemen of present-day Scandinavia, the Vikings earned a fearsome reputation as raiders and pirates from the 8th to the 11th centuries. They were also strong, fierce and brave men who set out to conquer the unknown. It is to this all too human combination of seemingly contradictory traits that this collection pays homage. The dial comes alive with the runic symbols and the Valknut (three triangles) imagery of Norse mythology.

Likewise, it wouldn’t be complete without the two most important symbols in Viking culture: Yggdrasil, the tree of life, and Vegvisir, the Nordic compass. nThe former stands for the deep interconnection between all existing things in the universe, the latter is not only useful on any journey but also provides guidance for people who stray from their path in life.

As a tribute to Erik the Red, who also went by the name Redbeard, the Superluminova® coating on the viking’s beard makes the legendary warrior-explorer come spectacularly to life as soon as darkness closes in.

Add the bespoke gusset chain and medallion designed specifically for the BOLT-68 HERITAGE collection. It attaches directly to the case and transforms your wristwatch into a cool pocket fob timepiece (not included).

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