CHF 1,925.

Available : end of May

Shortly after arriving from headquarters in Switzerland to join the Mexico City team, Bolt, BOMBERG's French bulldog mascot, became ill. Things were looking pretty bleak when a specialist recommended we add CBD to his diet. Bolt recovered quickly and the idea for "Cure the BullDog" was born: a special watch that reminds us of the precious things in life - and that solutions to impossible situations can come from unexpected places.

The new BB01 Automatic Cure the BullDog Black combines the revolutionary, free and adventurous soul of BOMBERG with an exceptional concept and a renovated design with darker details.

The dial features the instantly recognizable indica CBD plant with its seven serrated leaves and a powerful Super-LumiNova that makes the watch always legible.

BB01 Automatic Cure the BullDog Black features real indica CBD leaf extract inside the dial and an authentic hemp strap, produced by our partner in the United States to the highest standards of sustainability and natural production.

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