Bolt-68 Special Edition Quetzalcóatl

Bolt-68 Special Edition Quetzalcóatl:

The essence of the Aztec culture

The Bolt-68 is an iconic Bomberg model. It embodies the new generation of lifestyle watchmaking with a removable case that can be affixed to a chain to become a pocket watch. The wearer is free to transform their watch however they like, sporting it as a wrist watch or a fashion accessory.

Enjoy the freedom to choose style whenever you like, and however you like, with these bold limited editions full of charisma.

Ode to creativity, our Quetzalcóatl Bolt-68 Special Edition watch celebrates the essence of the Aztec culture and artwork.

The cult of the snake in Mesoamerica is very old and the most elaborate representations come from the old Quetzalcoatl Temple, which shows a rattlesnake with the long green feathers of the quetzal.

The chronograph features a patchwork of astonishing rainbow colors to form the head of the snake painted on the dial, with its bright red tongue extending from the stylized teeth.

All parts of the dial are vibrantly colored each filled by hand, and the overall effect is mesmerizing.


Technical details:


Movement reference: Ronda 3540 quartz chronograph

Case: 45 mm, steel/PVD/5N PVD/blue PVD/brown PVD

Watch glass: Sapphire, K1 mineral*

Strap: Silicone or leather depending on the model

Accessories: Chain and medallion included

Water resistance: 10 ATM equivalent to 100 metres    

March 12, 2021 — frederic layani



Anti-conformist spirit? Totally assumed. Free? Definitely. BOMBERG traces its path off the beaten track of traditional watchmaking and creates watches for those who stand out, cool and creative, confident, all over the world in Latin America (its engine markets notably in Mexico where the brand is already the No. 5 lifestyle watch brand), the USA, Asia and Europe.

A Swiss brand, independent, agile, fast, based in Neuchâtel, BOMBERG has made its mark with strong references to the world of tattoos, symbols and icons. The Tattoo. Precisely. The brand has been close to it since 2012. Forerunner. Daring at the time. Fearless. Today, the claim of its new positioning and advertising campaigns: #TattooYourDesire. A whole universe. Extreme tattoos, intimate tattoos. Different currents around the world, different communities, BOMBERG tell their stories, highlight their creativity, affirm their personality.

Swiss quality, accomplished designs and a particularly competitive accessible positioning are the watchwords in all developments. Where the Swiss brands known as Access often remain classic, BOMBERG is breaking free. Its codes, its spirit and its anti-conformist identity are in keeping with the times.

BOMBERG is not a usual watch brand, BOMBERG is a state of mind, an ultra-creative, different lifestyle brand that is making its way parallel to the classic circuits. Watchmaking today. Already a selection of jewellery and accessories with a strong code... A whole new universe is emerging.

No limit to creation. BOMBERG breaks down the usual archetypes of brands and claims to be a niche brand. Not to please everyone. On the contrary, generating the Yes or No, I like or I don't like. BOMBERG is aimed at characters who reject stereotypes and simply take control. Over themselves first.

December 16, 2020 — frederic layani